SysML Training

(Systems Modeling Language)

This training course is an addition to Systems Engineering Training offering a thorough and practical source for modeling systems with SysML.

Today, perhaps SysML is best recognized as an enabling technology for Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Benefits of SysML include:

  • Improved communications
  • Assists in managing complex system development
  • Separation of concerns
  • Hierarchical modeling
  • Other life cycle support (such as training)
  • Improved design quality
  • Reduced errors and ambiguity
  • More complete representation
  • Support incremental development and evolutionary acquisition.

Course Agenda

  • Overview of Systems Engineering (SE)
  • What is Model-based systems engineering (MBSE)?
  • Overview of UML and SysML
  • Overview of System Modeling with SysML
  • The Structure of an element or system
  • SysML Diagram Techniques
  • SysML Modeling Elements
  • SysML Diagram Taxonomy
  • Working with SysML
  • Workshops

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